Hi, Welcome to my website. I'm Mark Levitt a published comedy writer and several of my articles have appeared in Laugh Your Shorts Off (available on Amazon),The Wittenberg Door- The Worlds Only Religious Satire Magazine, Stitches The Journal Of Medical Humor, and The Journal Of Irreproducible Results.

I have also written, produced, and acted in over 10 short comedic films including: "Bad Hair Day" which was accepted into The Brightside Tavern Shorts Film Fest 2016, an entry in The NY International Independant Film And Video Festival 2006, and The International Independant Festival Of Cinema and Technology, 2006 "Receptionist Smart" was a short comedy film I wrote which won The Independent Achievement Award in the NY International Independent Film And Video Festival 2002, won the Funny Bone Best Comedy Award in the Festival Of The Macabre, Latrobe PA 2002, and won the Grand Goldie Film Award, Palatka Florida 2002. My other films include: Smell Me Now, Turkey Day, Take My Family Please, Romcom, Party Games, and Gimmee & Grandkid.

While I'm not writing or doing short films, I like to sound off on my entertainment/pop-culture blog and my comedy webcast skewered the lyrics of of some of the most beloved recording artists If you like what you see and wish to hire me and/or collaborate on your next screenplay or sketch, feel free to contact me at

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